How It Works

MCC Declares War On Poverty

As leaders in the Humanitarian Industry, we offer a financial gateway for Personal and Community Assistance, as well as Ongoing Support for Charities.

For those who wish to enter this gateway and be a part of the Majestic Cares Community, there are No Enrollment or Administration Fees, and No Recruiting or Sponsoring Required to Become an MCC Member/Ambassador.

"Learn How to Stop Working for Money and Let Your Money Work for You" is MCC's highly informative eBook which we sell for $34.95 and comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee! Our customers can also become active MCC ambassadors when they make 3 eBook sales each, OR purchase at least *Booster Pack or more, to enter MCC's Worldwide Cooperative Marketing Campaigns.

Community Shared Cash Rewards

Each active ambassador will receive Community Shared Cash Rewards starting at the Bronze Status and will automatically progressively advance as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • $100
  • $800
  • $4,000
  • $25,000
  • $450K+

Ambassadors who complete the Diamond Status will repeat the Diamond phase to receive another Cash Reward of OVER $450,000 REPEATEDLY!!

MCC's Booster Packs Co-op Option

When you elect to purchase an MCC Booster Pack (BP), for $25 each, you will be instantly qualified for All MCC Cash Rewards! What Each BP Does for You:

  • Instant qualification to start receiving MCC Cash Rewards.
  • Access to MCC's Worldwide Cooperative Marketing Campaigns.
  • Additional eBook Sales added to Quickly Boost your Personal MCC Status.
  • Additional Cash Rewards of up to $65,000 Per Booster Pack

Your Health Matters Store

Ambassador/Members receive a special Discount Code for select purchases up to 51% off from our popular "Your Health Matters" online store. These high in demand products can boost your health from anti-aging supplements to therapeutic essential oils, eBooks, kits, and includes free shipping within the US and discounted shipping on international orders.

Community Humanitarian Support

MCC's vision is to create a financial tsunami that would target worldwide poverty and debt. As funds permit, amounts would be dispersed to help with Relief and Recovery efforts for communities in need.


The Majestic Cares Community (MCC) and its ambassadors, is a Private Online Community. This recording or information contained on our website, as well as that contained in MCC's informative eBook, are for illustration purposes only, with no promises or guarantees of income.Neither the owners, administrators, subsidiaries, nor the Ambassador/Members of the Majestic Cares Community, make any income guarantees.