Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Majestic Cares Community (MCC) legal?

Yes, MCC offers Cash Rewards to its active ambassadors for their effort to help promote and sell MCC's online products. Please consult a licensed legal advisor for any legal advice.

What happens if an Ambassador/Member does not make 3 person sales?

If an Ambassador/Member for whatever reason does not make at least 3 personal sales, he/she will not qualify to receive Cash Rewards. Alternatively, an Ambassador/Member needs to purchase at least one (1) Booster Package (BP), to qualify for all Cash Rewards.

Will it benefit me to register more than one MCC Account with different emails?

No. You would also have to use different banks and debit cards. Ideally, just one account is more than sufficient.

Are all Cash Rewards taxable?

Since all Cash Rewards are paid based on Total Group Sales volume, they may be considered as unearned income, and therefore, may be taxable. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your legal tax advisor, to avoid any huge tax liabilities.