About Us

Who We Are

Majestic Cares International, LLC was Established Since June of 2020.

Founded by Entrepreneurs, Bob Donald of South Carolina, Jim Miller and Larron Campbell of California, and Rosalinda Burton of Utah, who all make the MCC Automated Cash Rewards System possible.

Our Team Of Creative Minds

  • Bob Donald
  • Jim Miller
  • Larron Campbell
  • Rosalinda Burton

Combined, we have well over 75 years of Online Business Experience and are now introducing you to a world of Financial Freedom, with the best one-of-its kind, Online Business Opportunity, ever to be devised, Bar-None!

Our Vision

Considering all the recent events that have befallen humanity, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and the most recent COVID19 pandemic, we genuinely feel for those who have been affected by these most tragic events. Therefore, we have created a magnificent Online Cash Rewards System to help you turn those challenges around, and thereby, make a significant difference for you, your family, and your community.

It is important to know that MCC is not a Network, Multi-Level-Marketing, or an Investment Program. MCC is a Worldwide Online Community, which receives guidance from top online sales marketing leaders, who bring their marketing skills with the ultimate best, In Online Business Opportunities, through Ambassador Marketing.

Inspired by Ordinary People Nationwide, the Majestic Cares Community "MCC", was created so that ALL Ambassador/Members can receive substantial Cash Rewards for any personal or humanitarian purpose.

It is MCC's noble endeavor, with the assistance of our Worldwide Ambassador/Member's active participation in the sale of our Online Products, to raise substantial funds, to financially assist them to support other humanitarian projects, as well as fulfill their hopes and dreams.

We are dedicated to help our active Ambassador/Members achieve their financial goals in a legitimate, no risk environment, in the shortest, and quickest possible way. Unlike many others, we do not hide behind our website, but maintain complete transparency and give anyone free access to us, as your Ambassador Leaders, Family and Friends!

On behalf of the MCC, we wholeheartedly Welcome You!